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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 10, 2017 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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tonight? >> yeah, i mean i thought i played better obviously, but i think the guys around me played a lot better too. they were really fundamentally sound and glued in their playbook all last week, and it showed today. and we're just going to continue to work hard and try not to throw as many interceptions, but just going to continue to work from here. >> jenny: you mentioned the overall improvement, but your receivers, they were challenged. last week coach martin told us that. how did they step up in your eyes? >> they stepped up. you know, it's awesome to see young guys step up like that, and a guy like that to continue to come to practice, work as hard as he does. it's a great example for the young dudes we've got at receiver, and i'm just excited to keep on going. we're going to have a great season, but we're not if we -- you know, if we don't continue to push like we have been, so it's going to be a good year, but we've got to continue to keep this thing going. >> jenny: there's been a lot of pressure on you sam and
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team, so how confident are you in what this team can do after tonight's performance? >> very confident. i'm confident in these guys, and through our hard training in the summer, you know, even going back to spring and then fall camp, you know, we showed resiliency, and that's what it's about, and, you know, my teammates played a heck of a game, the defense came up big when they needed to and, you know, stanford credit to them, they're a great team, and, you know, we're just on to the next week, and we're going to continue to have that mindset as we keep playing. >> jenny: we'll see you next week. thank you. guys. >> gus: all right. next week we will be here at the coliseum as the texas long horns come into town, and texas losing their season opener to maryland. these guys can play some ball. >> joel: that texas defense has struggled tackling over the last couple of years, and if they bring that mentality here to try to tackle stephen carr and ronald jones, they're going to have some difficulty,
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they'll be up to the task, and tom hermens has always got something up his sleeve, particularly when he's an underdog. that was his m.o. at houston. we'll see if the long horns can come up here and steal a victor in los angeles. it's going to be a tall order. usc has put themselves on a stage where they are a dynamic team and a true playoff contender. that's what i witnessed tonight, and i think both you and i agree on that. >> gus: we do. all right. so sc improves to 2-0 on the season with a brilliant performance tonight against stanford. the final score, southern california, 42, stanford, 24. don't forget next week we've got a doubleheader on fox. the buckeyes hosts army at the shoe in columbus, and then it's a rematch, 11 years in the making, texas and usc meet for the first time since their classic 2006 rose bowl
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it all starts at 4:00 p.m. eastern next saturday on fox. the university of southern california dominant in all areas tonight. they threw it, they ran it, they defended it, and they beat stanford 42-24. that will wrap it up from here in l.a. for joel klatt and jenny taft, i'm gus johnson. so long.
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this is fox5 local news at ten. first tonight
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watch. together we will restore , recover and rebuild. we'll do it quickly. dangerous hurricane irma bears down on florida targeting the keys to tampa. the storm set to wreak havoc. tonight we've got the very latest on the situation there as we continue to track ir ma's path. he thought that that was the end of her where he left her. and a maryland woman forced to give birth early after being set on fire. we have de tails on her condition tonight . the news starts right now. this is a storm of enormous, destructive power and i ask everyone in the storm path to heed all instruction, get out of its way. we start tonight with hurricane irma, parts of florida already feeling the effects from this monster storm take a look how big it is and look how it's moving. it's targeting it looks like southwest, flo
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a category three storm but it is expected to strepten as it moves closer to florida. the national whether service says the first hurricane wind gusts have been recorded in the florida keys. the storm is about 90 miles southeast of key west right now and more than 170,000 homes and businesses are without power, but that number is expected to rise. teps of thousands of people are seeking shelter as ir ma approaches. more than 6 million people have been told to he vac way which is more than a quarter of the people in the state of florida. tonight fox's joel waldron is in mi with the latest on the storm. >>reporter: hurricane irma is churning towards florida prompt ing one of the largest he veak waitions in american history. outer bands of hurricane irma lashing the florida keys and whipping up strong surf in miami. more than 6 million people in florida have been told to evacuate. do not put yourself or your famy'
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aggressive in our preparation for this storm and now it's upon us. a storm surge warning has been issued for much of the south florida and central florida lines. medical bowrn on the east. coastal waters could rise ten to 125 feet above normal dry land completely inundating homes, businesses and roads. the size of this hurricane is incredible. a lot of anxiety because we don't really know was goin to be happening. president trump monitoring the impact of hurricane irma during a retreat at camp david tweeting out a video hess age of support. i ask everyone in the storm path to heed all instructions. get out of it's he ' way. again, we've never seen like this, together we will restore, recover and rebuild. hurricane irma is expected to role up the west coast of florida from the keys all the way to tampa, but nobody in it's '
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be safe. reporting from my aim, joel waldman, fox news. irma's deadly path through the carribeans is to blame for 70 percent of the homes in saint martin were badly damaged or destroyed. about 40,000 people are now living in shelters as they brace for the next big storm bearing down on the islands. that's hurricane jose meantime looting has been a problem on the island. officials are stepping up security to prevent break-ins and thechts. haiti also dealing with the aftermath of irma. some of these images are heart breaking. heavy rains flooded homes in the northern part of country and we're told the storm surge triggered dangerous waves as high as 20 feet in some individual yoases. take a look at this, this is a scene from the british virgin islands, irma causing massive devastation, buildings, hospital, roads, all badly
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did he stroid. with all of this destruction we're hearing reports of looting and robberies on the island. >> we want to get right over to gwen tolbart for the latest on irma's path and it looked like the latest update had it moving slightly west but still impacting the west coast of florida. >> absolutely. the track has shifted slightly west a little bit. it continues to do that. but one of the things that's a big issue right now is the length of time it's now spending just off the north coast of cuba . it's not moving hardly at all and it has slowed down once again. that's one of the things that we are watching very close limit it doesn't mean it's not going to make its way of course to the us coast and with a big impact. if you take a look at the eye right here you can see that it is right here, just right here off of the north coast of cuba a and that's pretty much where it has been since we had the last update which we showed you you at 8:00 when we did our 8:00 show.
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it's really not moving very much at all. it's really slowed down quite a bit. it will speed up once it gets into the florida straights and there's a chance it might even intensify. 120- mile per hour sustained moving northwest. as we take a look at the track once again p here it goes. it's going to continue to move its way to the north. the cone of uncertainty is the big fact o because it could shift even more to the west but it looks like it's headed right over tampa right now as we get into sunday so that's the possibility with all of this. and the spaghetti models coming toghts. they're really much in consensus as into this storm system. up to 15 a feet is possible in these areas as we talk about that being one of the biggest killers as far as hurricanes are concerned. aisle have more details a little bit later. we now know the identity of a woman killed in a terrible
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school bus converted into a food truck crashed into a car driven by aaron kaplan of ashburn. it happened at the intersection of watson and evergreen roads yesterday afternoon. the driver of the food truck ran a stop sign and struck kaplan's car. cap kaplan, another adult and three children were trapped into in the cars until hours. kaplan died at the sceep. the others were taken to the hospital for treatment. the food truck driver and two children inside the truck were not seriously hurt. the latest now on the dice persons of a pregnant teacher from montgomery county. laura a whal anen is a teach he at wild lake school. this afternoon students fanned around the area to look for her. police recovered her missing vehicle. it was parked in an apartment complex near the school. whalen is from olney. they received a disturbing text from her last monday
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it as troubling. they have not heard from her sin. we are learning new details about the arrest of a woman accused of setting his pregnant girl girlfriend on fire. the attacked happened yesterday in capital lights. >>reporter: prince george's county police charged the man police say lit his pregnant girlfriend on fire. we're also learning more tonight about the condition of that mother and her newborn child. we saw her today . she looks much better today than yesterday and she'll probably look much better tomorrow than today. police say the father of her unborn child set her on fire. doctors delivered the baby seven weeks early as a result of the injuries. author says both his daughter and granddaughter are improving. and andrea saved her life as well as her own. prince george's county police credit the mom of now three for saving herself and possibly
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her boyfriend, 34 year old large audience quinn phillips from hurting anyone else while dealing with traumatic injuries and dry a told police phillips was headed to d.c. to hurt andrea's mom. he thought that that was the end of her when he left her. her will, determination, resill sequence got her out of there. her and ally a out of there and enough strength to call her mom and warn her mom. saturday police charged phillips with arson and two counts of attempted mur. maryland court records show this is than the first time phillips has been accused of being vial ette. in april, phillips was accused of domestic violence . author grich in confirmed his daughter was the victim in that case but she didn't want to move forward so charges. let it be the last time and maybe that will save somebody heartache. et ceter
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unclear when phillips will be ex dry indicted. they still do not have a moat i'm. evan lambert, fox5 local news. >> of a the break we have continuing coverage of hurricane irma. tonight we're looking at how some local businesses are stepping up to the help the vic tissments and reaching out to the victims of hurricane harvey many celebrities head to texas to support those in need. .
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>> a family opened business in virginia is doing its part to help those in the path of irma. they're collecting donations to help the victims. everything from bottles of water to diapers . fox5's teisha lewis has the story. >>reporter: bear necessities are being loaded into these trucks in n sterling set
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hurricane irma peace. i'm doing this because about a week and a half ago i was coming back from fed ex fieldworking on a project with my company and i was just overwhelmed with the devastation in harvey and the news and everything going on and i came back to my office and told my crew that i'm leaving today and they said pump the brakes. we're going to do something different. andy morton is owner of creative solutions, and something different meant shutting down operations to focus on helping the hurricane harvey victims. this is a power ful dangerous storms. the items collected will now go to those impacted by irma. bags, boxes and a cases filled with items people need to survive. we have over 150 bags of as sorted clothing because a problem that we found is it's called the second disaster so after an event everybody donates everything and then it can't get
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everything out by gender and by size. we have approximately 7,000 bottles of water donated. we have five pallets of premade protein drinks. all kinds of cleaning supplies. the team here are all volunteers. i'm blessed to pretty much first of all have a job and then second to help out and do whatever needed. we're doing everything we can to support the community we're helping anybody, the wound ed warriors, the veterans, the first responders. children is our specialty, but any time we're not doing that we support the imhunt in any way can. including trading in their saturday morning to help those who will need it the most. teisha you lewis, fox5 local news. >> it's really nice to see how many people working out. by the way the group is also coordinat ing thraifer efforts with fema. the attention has shifted to florida with hurricane irma. folks in texas are still recovering from the damage caused by harvey. yesterday
12:22 am
paid a visit to the george r brown convention center in houston where some storm victims are staying. many say that jackson's visit brightened their day and they're glad she took time out of her schedule for them. i got a chance to shake her hand. which hand did she shake. >> actually i had this hand out i guess the glove hand. throw ing in the glove now, not going to be washed. >> slut. >> about 1600 he vac 's are currently still saying in the convention center. not only miss jackson, beyonce also stopped by houston yesterday. she paid a surprise visit to the church. she gave out nike air jordan you shoes to everyone who attend td. beyonce is originally from houston. i love that he when you hear about all the tars going in to help. there's so many people in need. i know we're talking about irma tonight, but there's still h
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many people recovering from harvey. another one is t still coming. >> jose. >> still ahead tonight it's not just people trying to escape ir ma's path. how the zoos are keeping animals safe as the hurricane gets closer to making landfall. landfall.
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>> this is just the beginning of what's expected toking a very long night for florida indians as hurricane irma comes ashore. it was a category three when it hit cuba earlier today but is expected to strengthen as it approaches florida. most, if not all of the state will feel its affects, but the eye of the storm has shifted slightly west putting stit ticketed events like tampa and forth miers more in the bowel's
12:27 am
feeling pretty good our situation and over the last couple of days as it moved more west initially we still felt fine. my home its fairly new, we have hurricane impact windows . as of early this morning we were orderedded to evacuate and luckily we have friends on the north end of town a little more inland. we left about 10:00 and they're expecting ten to 15-foot storm surge at my home. i know you you have 41 there and you you then you have the interstate 75 what is a reporter in names for five years. did you have to go miles in away from the coast? how far away you should you be from the water. >> depending on where you you are it looks like the storm surge coulding in a number of miles. my home is seven miles
12:28 am
north of marco island and we're right on the edge of evacuation zone, but there are places a little north where the expected storm surge is probably going to go in a good ten miles. >> what is the mood there with the people? is it sort of a panic or everybody is a calm we just need to get out of here in what's going on. >> i think most people here have been through hurricanes before and i think watch what happened in houston with harvey a couple weeks ago has been sobering for people so most people took this very serious lirks the last week or so storms have been packed looking for plywood, food, water . the shock was a last minute decision for us to have to evacuate. that's difficult to deal with. luckily another ' not in a shetter. we do have friends that are in a safe place . there's nine of us in this home now and we're going to ride out the storm here. >> kevin, also
12:29 am
realized that names, forth miers has beautiful beaches, but there's a lot of places to grow in the amock lee area. are they worried about crops in that area , too, because that's a place where a lot of america is fed. i think most of those area s are not going to going to be expected affected by the storm surge. the rain could affect them but they're far enough inland so they shouldn't have to worry storm surge. the wind could be a fact o but the major problem is going to be clearly the water from the storm surge. it's not just the people trying to get out of harm 's way. hurricane irma pose s a serious threat to animals as well. zoo keepers in miami spent these past couple of days moving their critically endangered animals into fortif ied concrete bunk ers and they have been testing their emergency equipment. these animals go through a tremendous amount of stress. when you move them away from a familiar area that
12:30 am
disaing russ to them. we're very concerned about the generators working because of the fact that he we have live system effects for our aquariums . if the man als doesn't get water, they will die >> they are hoping forth best as irma comes assure. the death toll from a powerful earthquake in medication quake has risen to 64. the 8.1 magnitude quake struck southern mexico. to make matters worse for mexico, hurricane cat yeah made land fail. it claimed the lives of at least two people and a thousand more have been evacuated. two italian policemen under investigation for allegedly raping two american students. the students claim the officer assaulted them with florence. they caught a ride with the officers on thursday night after leaving a disco because they couldn't find a tax you i. investigators are awaiting dna test results to see if they can confirm the
12:31 am
' story. some people on the streets of florence say these allegations are very troubling. i'm a little afraid, but for the most partum ' not much one to go out much. both times i've been out i've just stuck to one drink and had my hand over it the whole time. if i leave my drink, i get a new one. besides the rape allegations the policemen also risk disciplinary action for driving the women home without telling their superiors. we are seeing some dramatic video of a take down by police of an attempted murder suspect in detroit. take a look. this unfolded yesterday near one of the the city's major bridges. police gan chasing this man fr allegedly hooting the woman in the head on thursday. he led police on a high speed chase when the man bailed out of his car he ride to make a run for it even jumping out of the vehicle before officers tackled him to the ground. >> definitely some dramatic video there. it seems like a
12:32 am
coming up as irma approaches florida residents are trying to got out. but they're running out of options as airports across the state shutdown. de tails coming up next.
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this is fox5 local news at ten. back now with hurricane irma. right now it is a category three storm but it's expected to strengthen as it moves closer to florida. right now more than 170,000 homes and businesses are without power. more than 6 million people have been told to evacuate. tonight fox news correspondent joel waldman is in my a.m. my with the latest on the tomorrow. >>reporter: hurricane irma is churning towards florida. the outer bands
12:36 am
lashing the florida keys and whipping up strong surf in miami . more than 6 million people in florida have been ordered to evacuate ahead of ir ma. this is your last chance to make a good disee situation, do not put yourself or your family's life at risk. we have been very aggressive in our preparation for this storm and now it's upon us. a storm surge warning has been issued for much of the south florida and central florida coastlines. past tampa on the west coast and medical beurn on the east coastal waters could rise ten to 15 feet normally above dry land. nobody is out of the woods yet. the size of this hurricane is incredible. a lot of anxiety because we don't really know what's going to be happening. president trump monitoring the impact of hurricane irma during a retreat at camp david tweeting out a video message of support. i ask everyone in the storm path to heed all truckses. get out of its way. we're doing everything possible to
12:37 am
lives. again we've never seen anything like this. together we will restore, recover and re bivmentd hurricane irma is expected to role up the west coast of florida from the keys all the way to tampa but nobody in its path appears to be safe. reporting from miami, joel waldman, fox news. anyone trying to leave florida by air is running out of options. orlando sanford interest national airport shutdown at five:15 a. daytona shutdown at of p.m. melbourne closed this afternoon. the last flight out of miami left last night. some were you cannily enough to make it out before the airport shutdown today. i was just worried about getting out of here. just like how everything just kept changing. we had to scramble around and find flights . it is just chaotic down here. so it's a little scary. the fort lauderdale airport also closed. officials there telling people to stop bringing their vehicles to the
12:38 am
there will be directed to an actual shelter nearby. they're not taking this lightly. this is serious. people need to get out of those areas and be in shelters. it sounds like for the most part people have been heeding the warnings. we were saying earlier maybe because of hurricane harvey, it's fresh in everyone's minds seeing the damage? a. definitely. it looks like a massive storm. >> it definitely is a massive tomorrow. we talked about andrew hitting in 1992. this storm is twice the size of andrew. you could literally he take andrew and sit it inside of irma it's so huge. because it's so huge the wind field is extremely expansive and so some 205 miles from the center of the tropical storm winds are already reaching and even before that they were already reaping the coast and feeling the effects of it. they look like they're hitting georgia. it's over georgia and the eye isn't even to the keys
12:39 am
just goes to show you you what they're in for unfortunately. here the at home things are preet pretty calm. it's a nice shot outside and we are nowhere near dealing with the type of weather that areas in florida are going to be facing as irma starts to make its way toward the coast. what we're talking about right now, though, is the calmness that we have and it's not too bad. we're going to have a pretty nice day for tomorrow. what's take a look at irma and what is happening. one of the things i was pointing out to lauren and matt just a couple of minutes ago right there, this eye which continues to be close to the cube actioner it has slowed down. earlier it was moving to the north, northwest at 9 miles an hour and now it's only at 6 miles an hour. it seems a little hesitant to move more toward the north, northwest . so hanging out here a little bit longer than originally anticipated. right now winds are s
12:40 am
miles an hour. tropical storm force winds are extending some 205 miles from the center which we were speaking about the range of that wind field and hurricane force winds are extend ing out 70 miles from the sent he ever am as we take a look at the updated track it has shifted a little bit more toward the west every so slightly. just he in you have that we're ' kind of really paying a attention to that because it has continued to do that the pennsylvania eastern over the last few updates or so and if you look here this particular yup date doesn't have it intensifying to a category four it continues to stay as a category three before it hits land a little further to the north and then loses some of its steam. but i'm still going to say that this really could change once again as we know once it gets into that warmer weather of the florida straights and gets a little bit more energy it's expected to speed up a little bit by the way, but by sunday morning it will be moving its way across the florida keys d
12:41 am
surprised if it does end up intensifying. that cone of uncertainty stretching all the way to the north and as we hengs ed look at the spaghetti models coming right together. tampa, atlanta, all in the path of the path of this storm. the storm surge, we're talking up to 15 feet of storm surge and this is above the dry level of the ground. with the winds and the storm surge we're also talking a chance of tornadoes and there are tornado watches for all areas of the south and above both coastlines as well and this through sunday night we can see a lot of tornadoes starting to pop up. the cone of uncertain particular, you never know where things are going to end up within the area. lots of tropical storm watches and warnings and hurricane watches and warnings still in effect all the way up to the caroline as. we're talking about the worst storm surge to tuberculosis a long
12:42 am
we're talking about flash floods , even a chance of mudslides in some areas. the tornadoes we mentioned as well and the fact that it could change in intensity. rainfall amounts just unbelievable. take a look at this, this is a look at it pinning its way through. here we are sunday night and by the time we get into mown can see atlanta into tennessee all affected and the carolinas with that rainfall. plenty of rainfall expected, even up to 2e across areas of the south, southwest and other areas we'll see even more than that. for us things a lot calmer at home of course. we're going to see some sunshine. your fox5 we could see some rain from irma as we get into the early part of the week. bank r back to you. the day is finally here, redskins season kicks off in just over 12 hours. whielt the skins kickoff another season with championship aspirations a
12:43 am
driver has big trophy dreams of his own. brody logan has that story ahead in sports.
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kirk cousins realized he feeded to pace himself this year. he said last year he got way too psyched up for training camp and preseason. by week would against the steels ers he was you can tarred out. this year he's done a better job striking the balance between being prepared for the first game but being so overworked that he can't make it through games two through 16. it's certainly a beat better way to start the game with wayne. it's always a balance of, you
12:47 am
ving too much, but also not falling asleep. you've got to find the balance and certainly week one i think a tendency for me tends to be you're a little l too revved upment i'm trying to find a way to stay calm. ten any hamlet, ricky rude, elliott sadler a few of the great nascar drivers to come out of the state of virginia. one day a local youngster might etch his flame next to theirs. first he needs to survive middle school. i'm going to put the hood down. he don't even look at me. he's focused on one thing. he just wants to go. let's crank these things up. i think he's o
12:48 am
the best. three carbs on the racetrack, that's the one to watch because he's going to be the one putting on the show. the green flag again for the panned layer owes. >> a show for seven years i'm eleven years old. jacob put man is yet to start sixth grade but itself ease the points leader in his raising circuit. for jacob, raising doesn't stop when the engines shut off. if there is seven kids on the school buses ' going to be the first one on it i don't care where he's tanning at, he's going to beat everybody at the bus. i like to be with people because i get to pass them. he's been raising since he was four years old with six first place finishes and over 100 troachs in his seven
12:49 am
this shag i haired tween is a gristled receipt ran. he's pretty matter of fact even about the worst of on track scenarios there are crashes. some ims too it hurts and some ims too it doesn't. for jacob, victories, crashes, whatever, no big deal. for dad on the other hand, it's nerve racking. i lose my breath . thankfully for jacob butterflies aren't genetic. i can him all the time, are you nervous, no i'm not noise. and epo zests a skill not many kids his age have. patients. i wait for them to make a mistake. if you have a kid who wants to be a professional golfer you take them out to the driving range. if your kid wants to play basketball take them out to the caterpillar. if your kid wants to be a professional
12:50 am
you can't have. drive. 300 bucks easy. we have 15 to 20 grand in these cars and trailer, motors, getting them worked on, buying extra parts. with that kind of money and time invested into a kid's race car things can get pretty heated between parents in the pits. and just like an engine things get too hot, a gasket will blow. and the parents get pretty heated over it. especially if somebody recollects, a car gets tore up. i stay away. i'm just -- it's what i got to do because if i got in the middle of it it wouldn't be good. he's invest ing \count\countless of hours and thousands of dollars into his son's raising dream, so much you'd
12:51 am
dream. put man isn't an over disel us sports man forcing him to race. >> i ask him every year before we start do you want to raisin he he looks a at me are you you crazy, dad, of course i want to race. yaib could be loves to do it because he loves to raisin because he's pretty damn good. when i'm in a car i'm excited and happy. he just jumps in the car and says let's get it going another day on the track at 11 years old. a that's adosh, but b, like i'm worried for these kids' safety. for one they're not going super fast. the engine than a modified lawnmower engine so it's not like a major horsepower engine. they use hans device toes keep the head totally straight. they go above and beyond with the safety precautions. but yes, crashes do happen. but compared to
12:52 am
much about concussions and these guys are in these little cars. >> and they're spending a the lot more money. they could be the next nascar winner. >> he's very cute. as a boy i would have loved that. >> are you kieding kidding me. >> there are some girms who would love it for sure. one of his biggest rivals is a girl. maybe there ill with be a romance down the road. you can do a followup. it will be a lifetime movie. >> why did i thattive to make it girl i. >> still ahead, a world war ii veteran got to feel the wind in his hair one more time. the birthday motor vehicle ride that had an extra special meaning.
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12:55 am
>> a wisconsin man in hawg heav.
12:56 am
1301 years old, young. i should say leroy mend less schmidt has always had a mention for riding motorcycles. yesterday this world war ii vet got a chance to ride in the side car of a harvey davidson. a local dealer gave him the ride as a late birthday present. the dealer says part of the reason it arranged the special ride was to thank the world war two veat ran for his 21 years of sofs service. leroy says he was thrilled to go fr a spin. he says it reminded him of his younger days when he would go for a motorcycle ride and travel the country with his wife.wife. >> we should have let leroy drive it. they're not so easy to drive. that was for the best . if he loves motorcycles. we want to make
12:57 am
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